It’s official that Ahrefs has gone full Netflix and is trying to make it as hard as possible for its users to re-login and each time demanding to get confirmation by email to log in.

In addition, logged-in sessions are short, under 30 minutes, so you have to confirm it’s you up to 16 times in a working day.

All this was meant to make it impossible to share the account with someone and split costs. The funny thing is that Ahrefs plans are already so pricy and underused by 90% of accounts that account sharing isn’t a problem for the company in terms of resources. It often happens that out of 100,000,000 monthly requesters accounts (meaning all people sharing it) use only around 10,000 requests.

The reason for this new policy was strictly extra profit-oriented. Ahrefs is betting that most people will pay for their own pricy, severely underused plan, and multiple company’s profits by a factor of two or three.

In a sense, Netflix had more motivation to do similar, since multiple users were putting pressure on streaming platforms and so on, which is not really the case with Ahrefs.

Lof of users who had access to Ahrefs are now using SemRUSH as a good alternative, and this situation really means a good opportunity for SemRUSH to overtake a lot of Ahrefs users by offering a bit more competitive plans for individuals.

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