If you find yourself using Skype a lot, especially if you use it for work, you can come into a situation where throughout the years, you have thousands of messages in the conversation history. This is when the Skype search starts to lag. It just doesn’t work for messages older than 6 months or so, for messages not that old it doesn’t work well, sometimes giving the result only when you type the exact name of the file you’re looking for, or sometimes when you omit parts of the message which are appearing in a lot of other messages too.

All in all, it just doesn’t work well, but it’s a good thing, that there is a simple solution, and it doesn’t involve getting paid subscriptions or similar.

1) Go to the Skype export page and log in with your Skype credentials and request message exporting. It might take an hour or so, and then you will have an option to download the exported file.

2) After getting messages exported you’ll need a Skype parser you can download here.

3) Now you can extract both downloaded folders, go to the Skype parsers folder, open the index.php file and use it open the messages you extracted.

When you finally open the messages with the Skype parser, you’ll be able to conduct successful searches, on both old an new messages.

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